Friday, 26 May 2017

What makes a kite fly?

We wrote this piece of writing together as a class.
What makes a kite fly?

There are four forces that affect a kite when it is flying. They are gravity, lift, thrust, and drag.

Gravity is the force that keeps us on the ground. The heavier a kite is the harder it is to fly.

Lift is the force pushing the kite off the ground. Lift happens when air moves over the top of the kite at a faster speed than the air that is moving under the bottom of the kite.

The force that makes a kite move through the air is called thrust. Thrust happens with a kite when it is held in one place by its string, while the wind flows around the kite.

As air flows over the kite the wind gets held back a little by the roughness of the fabric. This friction is called drag.

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  1. Kia ora Carl, when i had read your story about what makes a kite fly i was thinking you had gave lots of information about it and the story is a very good sentence because you had full stops capital letters and you even amazed me at going and putting your sentence's into paragraphs and it was very good so keep up the good efit Carl and keep posting good and interesting post bye Carl.